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Imibali echaza ibali  - The colours tell a story

A series in which colour is used to help pre-school children understand the gospel
Translated and adapted from Colour Chameleons by Riana Andersen and Chrissie Kritzinger
Illustrations by Magriet Brink Imibala echaza ibali consists of

• A manual with 15 complete programmes. Each programme is devided in five weekdays. It is ideal for use in a pre-school, but can also be presented as an hour programme at a weekly children’s meeting or children’s church. Each Xhosa page has a
corresponding page in English.
• Resource manual with beautiful original illustrations
• CD with Xhosa and English songs
• Coloured laminated symbols that represent the gospel truths
• Gospel glove to teach the theme song
• Templates for children’s activities

What teachers at Umniqophiso pre-primary in Lwandle, Strand, has to say about Imibala echaza ibali:

“We are very exited about the book because it makes everything clear and understandable. It helped us to have a better understanding of the message of the Bible, of what happened many years ago before and after Jesus was born.

The ideas are so useful because they integrate general things that are happening in our daily lives, so it’s easy for the children and teachers to use the book. It is written in a way that helps adults and children understand the Bible better.

Through this book our children have grown in knowing God and how the Bible teaches us how to live our lives. They learnt about how special they are to God and how to talk to God. The songs, rhymes, activities and games in the book helped them to grow in various skills and have improved their language.

The fact that the book is available in Xhosa is very good. Adults who do not understand English can now teach Xhosa speaking learners at school, in our churches and in groups in our communities about the importance of the Word of God.”

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A series in which colour is used to help pre-school children understand the gospel