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God’s Extreme Makeover plan (Product Code: exe1)

God’s Extreme Makeover plan
Author: Tania Schultz
Illustrations: Magriet Brink

Lessons from NEHEMIAH to show 7- to 13 year olds how to build God’s spiritual house 

God gives each person who has been broken by sin an extreme makeover when he or she believes in his Son, Jesus. He then calls us to share his makeover plan with the whole world, in this way building his kingdom, his spiritual home on earth. God helps us by giving us spiritual tools with which we can make his plans happen. We learn from Nehemiah the importance of prayer, team work and God’s Word. We are looking forward to the day when we will say: “Bus driver, move that bus!” and see God’s perfect new world. 

Bob, the Extreme Makeover builder, will be at each session and will excite the children with his song, “Bob, the builder, can we fix it? Bob, the builder, yes we can!” Put on your hard hat and let’s build! 

Note: Start collecting the empty boxes in different sizes: Big boxes with which children can build a wall and smaller boxes like tissue boxes, weetbix boxes and shoe boxes. Also collect empty ice cream and margarine tubs for children to create their own constructions. You will also need empty toilet rolls for one of the activities. 

Frans Hancke of ThePLAN writes about God’s Extreme Makeover plan:

In the footsteps of Nehemiah Tania Schultz guides children to the discovery that God really has a plan for the world. In fact, He has a plan for every one of us. This series is much more than seven lessons to be learnt. It is a learning experience. Tania’s innovative resources and activities take children on an exciting journey of discovery - a discovery that God’s plan is an Extreme Makeover plan. They learn that God includes them as part of his Extreme Makeover team, just as He did with Nehemiah.

ThePLAN is an association of theologians who inspire and equip congregations and churches to discover their role in God’s makeover plan and live as missional congregations and churches. The materials used are the results of a master’s and doctoral study at the Free State University. ThePLAN can be contacted at

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