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Grow, grow, grow (Produkkode: gre1)

Grow, grow, grow
See how my love for God grows and grows
Author: Chrissie Kritzinger
Illustrations by: Magriet Brink

This series will equip and inspire children to live as children of God should. They will know, choose and do what is right, thereby growing spiritually. As a result they will bear flowers and fruit that will glorify God.

During the first term children will learn in a playful, exciting way about the complicated and wonderful workings of our bodies. And then they learn about eating spiritual food that is good for them, exercising their spiritual muscles and having backbone. In the second term they visit the animal kingdom and learn many lessons about the life and choices of a child of God. After the winter holidays they look at the world around them. Stones and water, air and weather patterns will show them that the whole world tells us about God! These things will also show them what they have to do if they want their relationship with Him to be strong. As the year draws to a close, the children will take a look at the gardening: digging in compost, watering, pruning, fighting pests and sharing in the joy of flowers and fruit. And through it all, they learn to tend to their own lives so that they, too, can grow spiritually right in front of our grateful eyes!

Hettie Brittz writes about Grow, grow, grow:
Chrissie has the rare gift of being able to put deep spiritual concepts into a grubby child’s hands like polished diamonds, together with clay and crayons – visibly, tangibly, brilliantly. Her material is full of truth and reality. I believe that children and children’s workers will look forward to the lessons each week. Parents will see miracles happen in their children’s hearts and observe a fresh, exuberant spiritual growth developing.

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