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Themes for special occasions are available on CD and includes:
♦  Suggestions for a complete programme for a Children's or family service. A ready prepared lesson in Pdf. format
♦  Memory verse and review game, Theme song, Colour visual aids and reproducible handouts.
♦  A PowerPoint presentation for congregations that make use of multi media.

Follow Jesus!
Easter message
Author: Tania Schultz
Illustrations: Magriet Brink Easter is the ideal opportunity to help children to focus on Jesus and to challenge them to follow Him daily. In Follow Jesus! we walk with Mary Magdalene as she follows Jesus out of gratitude – from the cross to the grave. We are challenged by the commitment and boldness she shows in following Jesus, even after his death and we see her run, obediently following Jesus’ instructions to go and tell that He is alive.

In Search of the Star of Christmas
Discover the true star of Christmas
Author: Tania Schultz Are you in search of a Christmas lesson...
-for the closing of your Children's Church?
-for use during a family service around Christmas time?
-for the closing of your youth groups?
Then you are in search for the Star of Christmas!
In Search for the Star of Christmas takes children (and families) on a quest - amidst all the bright lights of Christmas -to discover who the true Star of Christmas is.
R 160.00
Discover the true star of Christmas

God's Great Gift
A Christmas message that can be used throughout the year
Author: Tania Schultz Help children get to know Jesus as Wonderful Councellor , Mighty God, Everlasting Father and Prince of Peace. It is a timeless message that can be presented any time of the year to help us celebrate the great gift that God has given us in Jesus.
R 160.00
A Christmas message that can be used throughout the year